The Book of Adora

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The Book of Adora

Post by AdreannaDeStella on Fri Apr 08, 2016 5:25 pm

The Rebellious Knight and Unusual Mate

The year is 1618  and I am writing this so you know how this kingdom came to be, what ideals that we had and most importantly who we where. As you read these, please remember that we loved you all and remember to pass on the wisdom that these pages hold with in.  Now where should we begin.. First off I should tell you how I met Lord Torcuato.... I was born in January of the year 1409, it was almost two hundred years before I had any excitement in my life. Well not before that day atleast.. It was the first day in may ..of the year 1609....

The light stamping of hooves could be heard from miles around, though they where loud they moved at a fast pace... or at least  as fast as the four carriages would allow them to go. Each carriage had four chestnut stallions with the emblems of the family on the side. All the carriages carried precious cargo and where guarded  heavily. Their journey had begun almost four weeks earlier, in search of a new home or of one where people had forgotten what they had looked like. This was they way of their life, the life of immortals. Three of the carriages where in soarly need to of repairs. They carried furniture, trunks and keepsakes of every kind.  

The last  and most extravagant carriage was  filled with an older lady and a younger woman, this was unusual for most but ideal for them. If need be the carriage and armed guards before and behind them could detach in case of an attack.   One could tell that they where related with pale skin, light hair. The only difference between the two where the color of their eyes, the older of the two had forest green eyes where as the younger  had bright blue.  Their names where  Lady Armanda and  Miss Adora De Clara Ville.  This had not be always their names, though it had always been Armanda and Adora something.

The only light that filtered threw the tightly sealed rails had lazed upon the Adora's  skin though she was not objective to the idea.  The ride had been rough in the carriage and Adora longed to be out riding her mare. Her mother had always  insisted on pettie coats and straits even when they where not necessary.  Such rides as these a nice traveling gown would be appropriate but Armanda wanted them both presentable for unexpected encounters with  royals or nobility.  Though it was May it was already heated to the point where ridding in a carriage was insufferable. Sighing she barely listened to the words her mothers words. The back of her skull burned alerting her to the danger that they would all face soon enough. Shrugging off the feeling she settled back into the seat as she closed her eyes.

“Adora! Have you even been listening to me.” her mother yelled.

“Of course mother.” She replied passively.

In truth she had turned her mind to other things some time ago. If this had not been a excruciating passage in itself it was made only worse with her mother's constant complaining. You would think when one is immortal one would get use to long journeys  Adora thought to herself.   Unknown to Adora was what Lady Armanda was actually saying. For her it was high time for Adora to settle down with a house full of babes. Armanda was about to continue when the carriage gave a great lurch causing both ladies to be erupted from their seats.  They did not know if it was just a bump in the road or the horses slowed for another purpose. Though  Armanda would have none of it! Throwing open the windows she yelled at the driver who took it in stride. He then explained that they needed to give the horses a break and that they where slowing to find a nice meadow for them to rest in.

Unknown to them, they had been followed.   Torcuato pulled at his mask as he slowed his ebony  stallion named Noctem. He had been following these carriages for four nights and they seemed to have no stopping point. Pulling his water sack from his hip he thought of home.  The beautiful island that his parents and friends had found. Though many of the island still had not been discovered when he had left there was a great town and farm land on what had been settled.  There had been two mansions that had been build for the two main families on the island, the De Stella's and Demitrivitz. He had left his best friend on that island and hopped he was fairing much better than when he left. Shaking his head he ripped off his mask as he placed the sack to his mouth. This was not the time nor the place to think of such things.

He looked to the sky, not a cloud in the sky. Luck was on their side today for the horses would need to stop soon otherwise they would die of exhaustion.  Soon they would start their raid.  Looking to his left and to his right, three other horse men approached him. These had been his brothers for five years, ever since he had left home at the age of ten and five years. They had been on numerous adventurers and had a regular income from the raids. Today would be no different, by the haul that they would bring in they would have fat bellies for days.   As they neared a meadow with trees for shade he knew that this is where they would be stopping. He held up his hand signaling for the three others to stop.

As the carriages stopped one of the guards opened the door. He held out his hand for the ladies, helping them down the steps. One of the ladies maids had already begun spreading a cloth for the women to sit on as they snacked lightly on dried apples and beef. Since it was still early in the day no meals would be eaten for a great while. As they waited by the carriage for the all clear signal a dust Armanda primpt and picked at Adora's appearance.  She smoothed the peach color gown  making sure that there where no wrinkles. She also made  sure that she was under an umbrella aswell as  Adora, who was currently looked around. She noticed something in the distance but as fast as she had seen it it had disappeared. Adora said nothing as they started to walk to the cloth. She enjoyed the nice breeze that had lazily started to tug at her hair.

They had not noticed the dust cloud that had approached them until much to late.  The horse men where upon them before the ladies could run back to their carriage.  The guard where doing their job well trying to keep the four at bay, trying to keep them from stealing from their Mistress. Keeping a hold of Adora's wrist  Armanda steered the two around the main chaos.  When Armanda let go to step into carriage, both where surprised when Adora was grabbed from behind.

Torcuato was captivated by the pale haired beauty. He was surprised when she had unsheathed a small dagger, to stab the man who had grabbed her arm. Adora had plunged her dagger into his arm, making him let go of  her arm.  Bringing her dagger back ones more she took a stance of defense. When her captor tilted his head from side to side, in an tempt to crack his neck. She turned and started to run as towards her guards who had been busy with their own plights. That was all that Torcuato needed he would not let her escape. This woman he wanted her to be his for some unknown reason. Spurring Noctem on  he leaned to the side as he stuck out his arm.  When he came close enough Torcuato wrapped his arm around Adora's waist.

Adora felt her feet leaving the ground as an arm wrapped around her waist. Letting out a shriek she tried to hit the  person who had grabbed her as she was thrown over the horse on her stomach. In the background she could hear her mother yelling to no avail.  She wondered if anyone had noticed that  she had been abducted!  Kicking her feet she growled as trying to make it harder in any way for  this man to take her. What she received with her efforts was a swat the her bottom, tears stung her eyes as her bottom hurt from the swat.

“If you keep at it your going to fall off the horse and ruin your pretty gown.”  Torcuato as he leaned down to softly place a hand against the small of the woman's back.  

The sweet husky baritone of voice of the male made her shiver softly as she turned her head to the  look up at the male. He straightened his back as he noticed her watching him.

Adreanna, Your father was the most beautiful person that I had met until that point. He had shimmering gold hair that would cause the sunlight to be jealous. He rode his horse like a majestic prince wanted you to place the world as this feet. Torcuato was my first love, though at the time I would not have known it. In that day and  age a female and male of noble birth just where not permitted to be alone together, yet there your father was sweeping me away from the only thing that I have ever known.

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